Schedule a Cardiovascular Clearance Exam

Vermont Veterinary Cardiology offers a discounted price for breeding clearance examinations.  For this discount to apply, it is necessary that the examinations require less time than a regular medical examination.  We work with experienced breeders but also others who are entirely new to the process of certifying against congenital cardiac disease.  It's necessary for you to complete some preliminaries and come prepared to the appointment for us to complete an exam within scheduling constraints.  Consequently breeders wishing to take advantage of this offer must read this webpage and comply with the stipulations and terms.


  • An appointment will NOT be scheduled until written paperwork has been completed by the owner/breeder and submitted to Vermont Veterinary Cardiology.  This includes an Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) form (or an appropriate alternative) and a consent / preregistration form that recapitulates much of the information on this webpage.  If you require an additional form (e.g. breed-specific) to be filled out, there is an additional charge of $10 / form.

DOWNLOAD the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals congenital heart disease evaluation form
DOWNLOAD a Generic Cardiac Exam Form (Typically used for Cavelier King Charles Spaniel and certain other breeds)
DOWNLOAD the Vermont Veterinary Cardiology preregistration/consent form (REQUIRED)

Completed forms can be sent by US mail to:
Cardiology Clearance Exam
Peak Veterinary Referral Center
158 Hurricane Lane
Williston, VT 05495

OR FAX to (802) 878-1524  
with "Cardiology Clearance Exam" on the cover page

OR e-mail completed forms in PDF format to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
with "Cardiology Clearance Exam" in the subject.


  • The owner/breeder certifies that the individual is not from a line known to produce animals with congenital cardiovascular disease.
  • Individuals being examined should be free of disease, not in heat, not pregnant, not nursing, and not on medications at the time of the examination.  (These precautions are to ensure the best outcome as any of the above can result in cardiovascular abnormalities, such as a heart murmur, when no real disease actually exists.  Something as simple as a recent vaccination can alter results!)
  • It may be necessary to sedate an individual at the discretion of the cardiologist and there is an additional charge for this.  It is also sometimes necessary to clip the hair to perform echocardiographic examinations. (Note: Anxious or stressed dogs can fail a clearance exam because the anxiety increases blood flow velocity, mimicing aortic stenosis.)
  • The reduced rate examination does not include a medical history and does not apply to the evaluation of ANY medical problems.  If a significant cardiovascular abnormality is found ( requiring medical counseling or treatment ) , the reduced rate does not apply.


  • We now perform screening examinations ( physical exam only) for which OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) clearance papers may be obtained.  This is available now ONLY because the ACVIM Cardiology subspecialty has taken an official stance, explaining the differences between examinations with and without an echocardiogram.  In agreeing to a physical exam only clearance exam, you indicate that you have read and understand the explanations given on the ACVIM website and the limitations of a physical exam only evaluation. You must indicate that you have read and understand this article to apply for an appointment.
  • The owner/breeder stipulates at the time of scheduling the appointment whether and echocardiogram is to be included.  In general, it will NOT be possible to convert a physical only exam appointment to include an echocardiogram on the day of the appointment. 
  • Please arrive on time!  We may not be able to honor your appointment if you're tardy.
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